Life in Religious Publishing

I work at a major religious publisher. Things can be weird here.

Slush Pile Proposal of the Day!

"The story is purposefully unclear whether the books is a memoir, novel, or long short-story.


Whaat??? I don’t even know what that means! Also, what is a long short story?



The Fifty Shades of Gray trailer is out today and I run Random House’s social media so please send me all the whiskey.

You poor, poor soul.


Quick, someone! How difficult is it to messenger a barrel of whiskey?


Update on the Creepy Prisoner Letter

Those suspicious stains were most assuredly blood, and the contents of the letter were nothing more than the horrible, violent, sexist, racist, xenophobic ramblings and drawings of an extremely mentally ill person. And I can’t tell ANYONE about it here because if I do, they’ll know I’m LiRP. So this is basically how I’m handling it: 

Publicists Have Slush Piles, Too

My reaction upon reading this part of a book synopsis:

"Then Eden’s newest couple, myself and the beautiful Lena, consummate our relationship under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a practice that has always been done under the Tree of Life. That night, alone, one of us, me, comes back to the tree and eats forbidden fruit, eliminating Eden’s sinlessness and destroying Innocence Guard." 

Guest post from Publicist A—Thanks!